Draw and Learn's goal is to help your child gain confidence and skill in drawing.  By step by step instructions they will create finished pieces that they can feel proud of while gaining valuable fine motor, decision making, critical thinking and other skills.  Children naturally love to create and by giving them tools we can foster a lasting interest and love of art.

Each class will include either a story book, cultural, historical, literary or nature based lesson.  We will then explore practicing the lines and marks we will be using for our final picture.  This helps the children focus their attention and work on fine motor skills.  We then will work together using various materials to create lines and color on a piece of art that pertains to the lesson.  Whether using masterworks, modern artists, or animals and plants as a reference point we will learn together and create pieces to be proud of.

Current Offerings

 K through 2nd grade at Canterbury School on Mondays, and 3rd-5th grade on tuesdays at 3:15-4:15 email or call for registration.These classes are open to all students regardless of school attendance.

Shelf Life Art Supply and co. has two classes on Saturdays. follow link for info. and registration.