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About Nina Green and Draw and Learn

“What makes your program different from a franchised program like many of the current after-school enrichment offerings?”  

Good question!  I am using a program pioneered by my mother, Jillian Goldberg.  Her methods are proven by a 40 year teaching career and a strong professional art background.  Using her techniques and my own skills, we build lifelong skill in students - skills that aren’t just about one picture. Although the finished product is important to students and their parents, the experience of learning through art is the real goal.  

My background as a fine artist with a 4 year college degree from Maryland Institute's College of Art - and a parent of three children! - means I am uniquely equipped to approach art and teaching.


I work with each child through each lesson to reach their developmental potential.  I hope to build on each previous lesson’s experience so that a child can improve their skills over time.  Critical thinking, decision making, focus and fine motor skills all improve during the creation of visual art.  It is one of the many important elements of education that our children simply don’t get enough of in current school settings.  Imagine if they only had math one session a week!  

In addition, I strive to use each lesson as a portal to learning about the world around us - famous artists and how they worked, the natural world, history, or geography.

I never stop being impressed by children’s inherent ability to be creative if just given a chance and the tools.

My lessons begin with a discussion of what we are drawing and how we will approach the making of the image in addition to the particulars of the image. If the lesson is an interpretation of a famous artwork then examples of the piece as well as student examples or my own examples are given. I discuss the materials being used as well as our approach to the composition. If the lesson involves animals or mythology we will discuss those as well. I then guide the kids through the drawing step by step. When we are finished, they are free to color the image as they see fit - this is the fun part! I do not make rules about what colors things should be, and I must say this is probably my favorite piece of the puzzle. I think my student' work speaks for itself.

See you in class,

Nina Green

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